The Five Things

In an effort to procrastinate the brainstorming of a new story for July Camp, I turn to blogging. It’s hard to believe that today is estival solstice, the longest day of sunlight in the northern hemisphere, which pretty much marks the halfway point in the year.

Kind of daunting.

Rather than trying to remember everything I’ve done so far this year, I’ll just review this month with the five things.

What I’m Writing

Or, in other words, what I’m not writing. I’ve only finished five chapters of edits, with ten more to go. I was hoping to finish it by the time July Camp begins, but this doesn’t seem likely. I will be participating in July Camp, which is only ten days away, and I’ll save the edits for then. Which allows me to focus on what direction I’d like my writing to go: to continue with the urban fantasy story, or go back to my fantasy story. I’m hoping for the latter.

In moments of indecision such as this, the best thing to do is to just dive right in. The timing will never be right, so it’s more a matter of just putting my foot down and going for it, regardless of how prepared I am not.

What I’m Aggravated About

DeviantArt. I don’t know how familiar you are with that website, but I’ve been a member of theirs for eleven years now, and while I’m more of a lurker on that site nowadays, it’s been an important platform for my artwork. Last week, someone hacked my account. Fortunately, I was right on top of it from the second I received “your email address has been changed” notice. And of course, I was unable to login because the scumbag changed the password, too.

Fortunately, my ticket inquiry must have locked my account to prevent the hacker from stealing my private information from the site. But it still doesn’t excuse the fact that deviantArt didn’t respond to my status inquires until two days after I sent the ticket. And I had no idea what was going on during that time. Now that it’s all cleaned up and I finally have my account back, they wanted me to rate their customer service.

I left no comment. I’d already given them an earful after the third status inquiry.

However, I’d like to show you what the hacker wrote to deviantArt when they found themselves locked out. This inquiry was sent to dA three hours after I submitted my initial ticket. Notice the atrocious grammar. I hoped they knew the difference, Eh, I need to amuse myself or else I’ll blow my top.


“All that jazz?” *guffaw*

I can’t believe the gall. And I’ll leave it at that or else this post will turn into a horrible rant.

What I’m Grateful For

My home and my small circle of friends. This past weekend, I went to a get-together at a friend’s house and got an overwhelming sense of how precious my quiet home and family is. Apart from my kids, my husband and I are introverts. We love our friends, though hubby certainly has many more friends that drop by the house due to his work, which is fine with me. But after that get-together last weekend, I couldn’t run home fast enough into my quiet castle. I love my friend very much, don’t get me wrong, but this is why I prefer small groups. More than four is too many for my comfort.

What I’m Reading

I’ve been beta reading for a friend which has led to reflections on my own writing. I may go into that in another post.


The TBR shelf which is collecting obscene amounts of dust.

To put it plainly, I haven’t read a book in a while. That’s the problem with Netflix: it sucks away all my time for reading. And while watching a story on the screen is entertaining, it’s just lacks that charm of reading a book, feeling the story in your hands. It’s just more tangible. Well anyway, I have a shelf of books waiting for me, but I keep going to the library and picking up new books instead. Last week, I picked up “A Discovery of Witches” by Deborah Harkness and “On a Pale Horse” by Piers Anthony.

Both storylines intrigue me, but I’ll be reading Discovery of Witches first.

What I’m Watching

I’ve just recently completed House of Cards (the last half of season 5 was rather predictable), and so after taking a short breather, I started up a new series.

I may or may not be fangirling over Sherlock.

Here’s what I’ve boiled it down to after completing the first season: he’s a self-absorbed, brilliant, and strategically charming prick who favors science over emotions, but isn’t too far removed from his heart that he wouldn’t show his charm, with a little show of feelings if it suited him, and BBC has groomed him to become the quirky nerd who not-so-ignorantly makes a girl’s heart melt because he finds no purpose or advantage to those sorts of emotions unless his IQ is tickled.


Yeah, it was right about the above scene that I started to see what the silver screen was doing to the fangirl inside. So I’m glad that there are only 4 seasons so far. Three episodes down, nine more to go.

Unfortunately, I’ll be fangirling from this point forward. I feel …foolish.

As a side note, BBC makes some very good shows. Strange and Norrell really hit the spot for me. If only that show had been as long as the book.

So that’s all for now. Apologies if I’ve bored the hell out of you. However, I’ve now successfully gotten most everything off my chest, and I feel ready to achieve new things!

15 responses to “The Five Things

  1. That wasn’t boring at all. I absolutely *adored* this post.

    I hope you’re able to pick up your edits/writing once Camp starts in July! I definitely agree with you that sometimes, you just gotta dive right in, or you’ll never find yourself getting anything done and you’ll always be second guessing yourself. But I hope you’re able to work on it soon!

    Your To-Read shelf is gorgeous. I find myself in the same predicament as you, to be honest, except video games are my downfall. I’ve been playing Shadows of Mordor lately and it takes up all of my free time. I wish I would make more time for reading, though, because when I do, it never falls to make me feel amazing.

    I’m also in the middle of a Sherlock binge. I’m rewatching them all because I haven’t seen Series Four yet (*dead*) and I absolutely love that show. If you ever want to fangirl with a friend, HIT ME UP.

    No go off and achieve new things, you rockstar, you. ❤

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    • You’re too sweet! Well I *just* began series 4 and I can’t get enough. Oh so charming, ugh!! I’m going to be miserable when it’s all over — as in, can’t watch anything else because he just Sherlocked my interest in all other shows. Darn it! On the upside, I’ve been analyzing the psychology of the storywriters and how they keep the watcher/reader so, what’s the word… insatiable?

      And thanks for the compliments! My bookshelf is just sitting in limbo, it’s such a pity. No worries about video gaming! Fortunately, I haven’t gotten caught up in any lately. The obsession is only temporary though, I know you know. We’re creatives, and creating isn’t easy. In fact, it can get pretty stressful. We all need to cool down in one way or another!


      • I really cannot wait to watch Series 4. I am still on episode 2 of Series 3, but I just beat Shadows of Mordor, so I have a feeling I might be able to sneak in finishing Sherlock before I start playing another video game. I hate it when something is so good, it ruins your ability to enjoy anything else in that medium for a while, i.e., Sherlock ruins all TV for you for a bit like the book “The Lies of Locke Lamora” ruin all reading for me for a good month, because the book was just SO F-ING GOOD.

        It’s difficult to find a balance of all the creative things we want to do! I definitely understand what you mean!

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        • Woo, you beat the game!! Such a great feeling!! And now you can finally release all that breath you’ve been holding! What’s on the agenda next?

          And oh gosh, yes, Sherlock totally ruined other TV shows for me. I tried a little Supernatural the other day, but ehhh… I just started Midsomer Murders yesterday, and I think I can get into it. But nothing beats the oh-so-charming Cumberbatch. I watched Dr. Strange last week and he’s such a good actor. Horribly predictable plot, but that was to be expected!

          Lies of Locke Lamora was great! Sanderson’s Stormlight Archives was the pièce de résistance for me so far this year, Leviathan Wakes a close second. Have you started a new book since then? I’ve yet to catch up on all the blogs this week, apologies if you’ve already mentioned a new book in a new post already!


        • That is such a lovely feeling, especially after you pour so many hours into it in the first place. I’m not sure yet, to be honest. I’m tempting to replay Witcher (plus the DLCs I never got to play), get back into my character in ESO or perhaps splurge and buy Horizon Zero Dawn…we’ll see!

          Ah, I still need to finish it. I’m so horrible with TV shows. I’ve watched a little bit of Midsomer Murders. I rather enjoyed it. I still need to watch Dr. Strange! Even with the predictable plot, I bet I’d enjoy it.

          I love that book so much. And the Stormlight Archives. I cannot wait for Oathbringer. I have! I just finished Kangaroo Too by Curtis C. Chen and just started Dark Immolation by Christopher Husberg; both sequels to different series and both utterly fantastic. No worries! I’m horrible at keeping up on blogs myself. 🙂

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  2. I didn’t think it was boring, either. 😉

    I think you’ll know which project the muse wants you to work on when it speaks to you. Sometimes we *think* we know which project we should be working on, but then intuition pulls us in a different direction. That was part of my dilemma between trying to figure out revisions for Draft #4 of TKC and starting the new WIP. I felt like I *should* be working on TKC, but I was struggling to wrap my head around all the possible changes… and then I wondered if, for the time being, I was better off applying what I learned to the new project and give myself some distance from TKC so that maybe I can tackle in the future. And in listening to my instincts, I found the answer. Not right away, but I found it (I hope…). Maybe it will be the same way for you, too, and you’ll get your answer before Camp.

    Ah, The Silmarillion. 🙂 That was a bit heavy for my taste, even though I paced myself one chapter at a time. But it still strengthen my admiration for Tolkien’s worldbuilding abilities.

    How far have you gotten with A Discovery of Witches, btw? I remember we tweeted about earlier in the week (or over the weekend? I don’t remember now *lol*) and you were still on the first chapter.

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    • I absolutely hear you about the conflict between our brain and the muse. I know what I’d like to write, but I’m just not feeling the motivation for it. It’s fortunate that I’m not working on a deadline! Like your situation, I do believe that the best remedy is to get a breather from the project that’s driving us crazy. We begin to miss the big picture because we’re in too deep. And if anything, a different project is good exercise.

      I didn’t know you read the Silmarillion — good for you! I remember picking it up years ago and upon reading the first paragraph, I said I’ll need to save it for a time where I am more patient and mature to appreciate it. Obviously, that time hasn’t come yet!! But you made your way through it, and I admire that.

      No farther than when we last talked about it! I just began the last season of Sherlock, so after the overwhelming feelings of being Sherlocked pass, I’m looking forward to immersing myself in the book, because the first page really pulled me in! The setting, the subject, I have high hopes for the story. But… Sherlock, lol! I feel like such a dork!

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      • I think I read The Silmarillion last year… Or maybe two years ago. But yeah, it does require patience. The best way to describe it is “a history text on Middle-Earth,” so it’s not something that can be devoured in one sitting. And if you did, you’d probably feel overwhelmed before the end. 😉

        “We begin to miss the big picture because we’re in too deep. And if anything, a different project is good exercise.”

        That’s what I’m hoping. I feel like I need to regain confidence in certain aspects of my writing before I can consider tackling TKC’s fourth draft, namely my ability to build a believable and consistent world (much less fix one so it can hopefully turn out that way).

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  3. I am having the same exact problem with Netflix. July Camp can’t come soon enough, I need to start working again. I’m so sorry to hear your account got hacked. I’ve heard so many nightmare stories about people’s art getting plagiarized, I can’t even imagine. I hope you’ll continue to post your art though, you’re so talented!

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    • Thank you! I’d debated closing down the art account altogether, but after cooling off, I thought against it. Art theft really is a problem out there, I’ve been witness to many posers and fibbers in the art community, seen many a witch hunt, and it’s a shame that people go to such lengths for their two seconds of fame.

      And yes, still currently stuck in Netflix! Sadly, I only have two and a half more episodes left of Sherlock before the commencement of sadness that it’s all over (for now). What have you been stuck on in Netflix?

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  4. I love Sherlock. British television often seems a little sharper to me, though it could be the variety/contrast with our own.
    I really like how the director basically told the crew they were going to treat each episode like a film.
    Sorry to hear that your writing isn’t going quite the way you’d like, though sometimes things take longer than we’d like, and the truth is we need to accept that and be patient with yourself. But don’t lose heart. I often struggle with similar problems. Sometimes our eyes are bigger than our minds, to coin a phrase.
    Don’t forget to enjoy the outdoors as well. Sometimes a little time with nature can help to un-clench the mental muscles, allowing inspiration to flow freely.
    Happy writing. 🙂

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    • I have to agree with you there about British v. American television. Most of my favorites series are British, and they hold my attention much more so than American shows. And I love their humor. I just began Midsomer Murders, and so far, so good. They also have 1.5 hour long episodes, which I really enjoy.

      Thank you for your encouragement! I love nature (nevermind the sunburn I got today) and I’m feeling the strong urge to explore as of late. I’d really love to visit another country, but in the meantime, I’m settling for just taking a drive over to NYC. A little perspective is always good for the creative mind.

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      • Indeed. I also wish that I could see distant lands, but in the meantime there are wonders a short drive away, if I have eyes to look and see them. They may not be the rolling hills of Ireland, but New England has its own beautiful hills, and places that certainly seem reminiscent of a Shire.

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