Terrafusion :: Prologue

Okie doke. So I gathered up an old and miserable WIP I had begun oh, about ten years ago, and I’m starting it up again, this time with much more writing and knowledge under my belt than I had when this project was initially started.

I’ve broken the ole’ rule of starting with action and intrigue, and instead I start with backstory and summaries! So I’m a dull writer, what else is new. Haven’t a whole lot to say so without further ado, I give you Terrafusion.

Oracle Sofie sat herself down on one of the plush seats in the far corner of the reading room. Finally, she had found the book she’d been searching for these past long two months: The Eidolon and I. Nearby, three acolytes quietly argued over the myth of the serpent Daguerreo that purportedly protected these parts. The fountains in the main room echoed throughout this room like every room here, its echoes reaching most of the catacombs of this library in the mountain.

With the echoes around her and the good book in her hands, Oracle Sofie turned to the first page. The steady slow drips from just outside the doorway of the reading room got louder and louder in her ears. Her eyes got heavier and heavier, until the soft lashes languidly drooped over her soft green eyes. Her head fell forward and the book slid slowly but surely down her green gown and onto the floor.

Freya picked up the tussled book from the floor. She smiled at the dozing Sofie, gentle woman that she was, and placed it back in her lap. Oracle Sofie could never concentrate on a single book for long, her preferred method of distraction being getting a snooze. Aside from Sofie, the reading room was empty, the dinner bell having rung an hour ago. The scientists here enjoyed their meals to the fullest, and a good portion of them retired to their rooms after filling their bellies.

Freya ate sparingly as always. The professors and doctors here didn’t mind their Cleyran and Burmecian tenants. They said it enhanced the atmosphere.
She sighed and went to the balcony where she rested her elbows on the ledge and gazed at the falling water.

Freya_SketchShe remained here in Daguerreo after Garnet’s coronation and reunion with Zidane. Sir Fratley had taken up the responsibility of rebuilding Burmecia, and in misery, Freya departed from him as he was no longer the man she once knew. It hurt too much to see him, cohort with him, to remember all the special moments that only existed for a single soul. He had the same face, and that was the only resemblance to the Sir Fratley she knew. The moment he began dressing otherwise in a more stately manner, she couldn’t bear the missing memories any longer.

She couldn’t say she regretted leaving him behind. She still found herself drifting into memories with him, but her new life was peaceful and she felt useful picking up after the preoccupied scholars. A few intellects took interest in her part in Gaia history, but otherwise no one looked at her any differently than before she helped save Gaia from catastrophe. And that’s the way she wanted it. At last, she was free.

Her former mates had found their peace as well. Zidane returned to his theatres in Lindblum. As much as he adored Garnet, and she him, he was too restless to be cooped up in the castle. They visited each other often. Quina, on the other hand, reveled in being the eccentric and master chef of Alexandria. Steiner and Beatrix loyally remained at the castle. Their wedding was a small one, and last Freya had heard, Beatrix was expecting.

Vivi’s children passed on his legacy. Indeed, many a book and play were written of his life and character, as was deserving of him. He was the spirit of Gaia and many aspired after his gentle nature. Eiko, now 8 years old, transformed into a gentle spirit, much like her older kindred Garnet. She was studious and prim, always a smile or a scowl on her face, never in between. Amarant disappeared into the land once more after Garnet’s coronation. Freya swore she saw Lani the head-hunter desperately chasing after him after Garnet’s official coronation.

The world was a quiet place. Alexandria had been rebuilt quickly, and Lindblum was not much farther behind. Steam conversion was generally easier than anticipated, and the city of technology thrived and expanded. On the mainland, the libraries and academics belonged to Alexandria, but in Lindblum, anyone could be anything.
Burmecia was slower to rebuild, but it was with slow and steady pride that the meticulous city was being raised from its rubble. A memorial was placed by the ruins of Cleyra, and Garnet visited it often. Treno remained in its pleasures, still the popular place for all the vices and awesomeness the nobles secretly desired. The Gargant Roo was now in steady use between Treno and Alexandria, and its steady use compelled a fantastic redesign.

Outside the mainland, all remained as before. In the Outer Continent, the elves of Conde Petie barred anyone passing through unless they desired to wed, and the initial influx of sightseers trickled down out of distaste. The Iifa Tree remained a tangled mess of roots and melancholy, and most turned their eyes should they happen to encounter it. The visitors to the Black Mage Village declined as well. Some Genomes had left to live in the cities of the mainland, and Mikoto, Zidane and Kuja’s sister, remained as the leader of this quiet and illusionary place.

The Lost Continent remained lost in its desert sand and canyon. Oilvert and Ipsen’s Castle remained alive in Daguerrean text and lore, but otherwise it was a place abandoned as in history past. Esto Gaza of the Forgotten Continent remained the same. Its visitors were few and far between, their religion barely holding on, unlike their high priest who remained as unhelpful and cantankerous as before.

Most believed Terra to have burned to its demise, and all were eager to put an ugly chapter of Gaia behind them. Terra’s potential invasion, as well as the conniving machinations of Kuja, reminded Gaians to remain on guard. Lindblum’s observatories kept a constant watch on the skies, and a new chapter of academics in astronomy sprouted up. The eight heroes slowly digressed from their status, wanting nothing more than to carry on with their lives.


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