AprilCamp Final & May Goals


I made it! But in all honesty, if I had all my evenings free to write all the time, being able to write 30k words a month would be the norm. However, life is not so accommodating and so I can only appreciate how fortunate I was for this past April to finish at ~33k words. Currently, the WIP is at 47k and I just began the third act. There goes the novella word count goal!

Yes, I’m anticipating July’s Campnanowrimo already. Maybe I’ll use it for edits if I’m able to finish this mss by then, or I may just use it as an opportunity to restart the fantasy story that’s been pestering me for the last couple of months. However, I’ve sworn to myself that I will not be starting any new stories until I’m finished with this one.

It’s…tough! But it gives me the motivation to finish the current WIP before I allow myself the fun of getting immersed into another story. And boy do I wish I could start the other one!


For this month of May, I’m hoping to complete this WIP. I have an art commission to complete, and I just began Gaiman’s American Gods. I was able to pick up the entire Foundation series by Asimov at my library’s book sale earlier this week, I’m looking forward to digging myself into that very soon.

Just a quick update, hopefully I’ll have more to share in the future!

4 responses to “AprilCamp Final & May Goals

    • Thanks!! And congrats to you, too! I had a very good time with the cabin. So many talented writers!

      I haven’t finished it yet, only up to chapter 5, but wow, it’s… interesting! So different from the Gaiman I remember back in my HS days. Are you watching the tv series? I’m so curious as to how they managed to capture Belquiss on the screen. 😮


  1. Yaaaay! (*throws confetti*) Congrats, Jessica! And I remember talking with you about the word count not too long ago… and what’s more important is that the story is as long as it needs to be. Not too long, but not too short, either.

    Good luck with finishing it this month!

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    • Thanks so much!! When it comes to storywriting, I’m pretty convinced that I can’t do short, nevermind that I’m only 4’11″…! I truly wish I could write short stories, but like any art and its respective styles, it takes talent. I suppose we all have our strengths and weaknesses? I really admire those who write short stories though!

      So many projects, so little time! I hope I can finish this WIP this month, too, because these other stories are really driving me up the wall. My story just can’t write itself fast enough.

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