An Update in the Form of a Tag

So I’m swiping this from the talented Amanda McCormick’s blog tag as an excuse to give my wonderful readers a quick update! I know I’ve been rather MIA for a number of weeks now, and I sincerely apologize. Some days, I wonder if I’m really cut out for this blogging thing. So much to do, so little time! And I’m hardly procrastinating, either!

Anyways, here goes!


My new kittens! A friend at work showed me a picture of stray kittens underneath her deck, and of course, upon seeing three black kittens, I went over to her home the next day and we were able to snatch up not one, but three kittens. The black one was a keeper, and then the second one I caught just so happened to be a mini-clone of the cat I have now… So I kept two because kittens.

Not an official crazy cat lady yet.


I just began Steven Brust’s Yendi, book #2 of the Jhereg series. I wasn’t 100% crazy about the first book, but I’ve noticed this frustrating tendency of mine to leave a series unfinished more often than not. So being that there’s only 3 books in this series, and that the library just so happened to have a 3-in-1 book, why not?

I also just finished reading a book from the TOR eBook Club I just recently joined. If you enjoy sff, I highly recommend joining TOR’s eBook Club. It’s free, and they’ll send you a free eBook to download within a window of the first week of every month, and they even have a book discussion forum for the book of the month! I have yet to check that part of TOR out, but you know what? It’s awesome.


I’m watching my girls play Minecraft. I don’t watch TV shows… or any TV, for that matter. Except for an occasional 10 minutes of the Yankees when I go to my parent’s house every week. Was a rabid fan… now, I’ll pass on the sports.

Listening To

My OST playlist on Pandora that consists of Square Enix and Skyrim. Nothing special. My creative juices are kind of in a lull right now and, consequently, so is my draw to music. So currently, I am not listening to anything at all..!

Thinking About

The edits. Would you believe that I am actually thinking about using Scrivener? Okay, so this will be the third (fourth?) time I’m attempting the program. I need to do some more research on their snapshot feature (any tips?) before transferring my hard copy changes onto the computer.

I completed the first round of edits for July’s CampNanowrimo (which wasn’t nearly as much progress as I was hoping to have made for nano) and I must transfer them back into the document, then prepare for the second round of edits.

So after the impending trial run with Scrivener, I will commence edit transfers.


0280d405e44400820b328454b856700a14195c41_607x400The rice dumpling that is currently boiling on the stove because I am ridiculously hungry.


…For a Leuchtturm notebook for my bullet journaling. But the self-imposing hardhead that I am, I will persevere with my $1.99 notebook until the very end.

Also wishing that I had more time for everything I’d like to be doing.

Making Me Happy

My kittens. My family. Good friends.



2 responses to “An Update in the Form of a Tag

  1. Yay, Jessica’s back! 😀

    Awwwww, your new kitties are adorable. And good luck with your next try with Scrivener! I saw your Tweet about it the other night.

    As for three things that make you happy, those are all wonderful choices. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you!

      Edits are so tedious. I like editing in hard copy, but transferring edits are a nightmare. I’m switching over to my desktop for this, but it’s slow going. Hope you’re well!

      Liked by 1 person

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