July Camp Nano 2016

Oh my word…


Holy crap, July is in 4 days!!


I’ll be cramming to finish the novella (part one of an ongoing series) these last four days of June because I’m planning on editing it for this round of Camp.

I totally forgot about it. I wanted to create a cabin and get some of my online twitter/tumblr/wordpress writerly friends in it, but that came and went without my realizing it. So I’ve been assigned to a random cabin and so far, silence.

I’ll have around 40,000 words to edit, rewrite, and get agita over, but I should be okay.

Because NaNoWriMo will kick my butt this November and I want to take it “easy” until then.

What will you all be working on this July? Are you doing Camp? How’s your cabin?


Good luck to all and happy writing!

21 responses to “July Camp Nano 2016

  1. You’re doing so much better than me! I just signed up for it…after reading your post and remembering that I should. 😛 I’ll also be editing a behemoth of a novel. Trying to trim down a 125K piece for a trade in August, so hopefully Camp will help motivate me to edit, considering I’ve been putting it off all summer.

    I’m on Twitter as @thought_stained. If you ever need encouragement or someone to talk to during your editing journey, hit me up. I’m happy to listen or help in any way I can! 🙂

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    • Aw, thank you so much! I’m obsessed with Twitter — as in, I just followed you (:

      That is a massive story you have there! But definitely something to be proud of, I am in awe. Will you be editing that for Camp then? That is a LOT!

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      • I’m still slowly learning Twitter! I just figured earlier in the semester it was a place to connect with writers and now, I sort of love it. 🙂 Stoked for us to chat through there!

        Goodness, I know. I love that story, but its length makes it a wary thing for others, particularly professionals. My goal is to make it appealing to agents while still keeping it the story I love…and less massive. 😛 It’s an undertaking, make no mistake! But who doesn’t like a challenge, eh? 😛

        40K in a month is still an impressive goal, too. I think you are more than capable of doing that, though, silent cabin or no!!

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        • Thank you! You definitely have quite a challenge, but one that will be a very interesting adventure. Just break it down into manageable pieces and you will be fine!

          I’m presuming it’s a fantasy piece? Congratulations on finishing it up! Is it a first draft?

          This will be my third (fourth? I can’t remember now) camp and so far, I’ve had some pretty decent cabins. The first one was by far the chattiest. I really enjoy connecting with writers and Camp is a great way to meet some amazing people.

          I hate rewrites but it’s a necessary evil. I have to finish the novella first, and then come up with an editing plan for the month. This will be interesting!


        • Thanks for the confidence!! Luckily, it is my nth draft–honestly, probably 10th or so–so I can really focus this round less on story/plot and more on the words themselves; trimming down unnecessary filler, focusing on the importance of scenes, that sort of thing, which I haven’t focused on in any previous edits. So I’m excited to get back to it and see what I discover. 🙂
          Oh and yes, definitely fantasy. 😛
          How fun!! This will be my second camp, though I didn’t do well in the first. That’s so awesome you’re so consistent and that you’ve met some awesome people. I’m excited to see who I get to meet. 🙂
          So true! So the novella is what you’re working on for camp? Having an editing plan is smart and will make it easier to not get overwhelmed and edit in manageable chunks, like you said!! I can’t wait to hear about the process and what your editing journey is like! I wish you the absolute best!

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        • Thank you so much for your kind words! Sorry to hear your first camp didn’t go so well. Just take it easy on yourself and stick to the schedule as best you can. Real life has a tendency to screw nanowrimo up a lot, but just keep pushing on. This should be an easier edit for you though if you’re working on the essentials to the story.

          Yes, I’ll be working on the novella. If I can’t complete it by July 1st, I’ll start edits regardless and continue writing until I get to the end. This is why Camp is so awesome because there really aren’t (too many) rules! I’ll definitely be posting updates on how the editing process goes!

          I wish you the best for July Camp as well! You’ll do just fine, just keep the end goal in mind.. and keep backups!

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        • Life just got in the way, ya know? I’m hoping, by having the bestie hold me accountable and by signing up for Camp again, that I can make some progress!!
          Is this novella your first one or one of many? I am always SO impressed by people who can write novellas. I’m so wordy (obviously, with that word count that I’m dealing with :P) that I’m always so floored when someone can tell a complete story in “only” 40-50K! I know, I love the mix of freedom and restriction that NaNo provides; enough flexibility to make it possible yet enough structure to keep me grounded.
          Thank you!! Oh gosh, I have a whole flash drive of backups and send every draft to a friend, just in case. Trust me, the fear of losing my work is so strong. I can’t wait to hear about your progress, through your blog or Twitter or otherwise. 😀

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        • This novella would be the first in the series, I started it in the April camp and trying to hit that 40k by July 1st! And I’ve got one night left to do that D: So yes, I’m cutting it close.

          This is actually my first novella! I figured if I can completed “shorter” novels, I’ll gain a little more confidence because I’ve started so many novels but always fizzled out 3/4ths of the way through writing them. It’s such a bummer waiting for that particular inspiration to return.

          Your backup system sounds perfect! Definitely can’t go wrong being too careful nowadays. Even my online backups have screwed up once in a while and I’ve lost a chapter’s worth here and there. Very frustrating ):

          But thank you for the well wishes, I’ll be looking forward to your Camp updates too!


        • Ohh, that sounds so exciting! Hey, you can accomplish a lot in one night, who knows! 🙂 I believe in you! And, even if you don’t finish it, that’s okay. Just keep working on it and then start editing a little later than planned. As long as you don’t give up on it!! Gosh, my greatest fear is losing my work. I can’t imagine spending so much time and effort writing something, only to lose it. Ahhh.
          Onward to Camp!

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        • Not for nothing though, but despite the incredible frustration and sadness from losing what I’ve written, it actually seems to consistently come out better the second time..! Hence why we rewrite, right? Lol

          And thank you so much for the encouragement! I’m going to try and tackle it now so long as I can keep the procrastination at bay (:

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  2. It does creep up each year. I don’t think I’m organised enough for it. I think I’ll head towards November.

    Last year I had a very quiet camp and my posts sat there all alone. They started to look like flashing red lights in a library where everyone else was busy working.

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    • Aw, having a silent tent is a small fear of mine. But ultimately, Camp is for yourself — and your blog! I was pretty prepared for April Camp (which is what I’m trying to finish up now!) but July really snuck up on me. It wouldn’t be the first time though. The best thing to do is to just start regardless of how unprepared you think you are. And to be easy on yourself. I think writers tend to be perfectionists, and consequently hard on themselves. Letting go of our personal deadlines is a good thing, or else the perfectionism will kill the muse.

      Or maybe that’s just me!

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  3. I wish I would have known, I would have invited you to our cabin before we filled up! Make sure to keep us posted here and on Twitter. You’ll get no end of encouragement where your cabin is lacking, I’m sure. Good luck!

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    • Aw ): Count me in next time if there’s a spot left! I’ll definitely be posting updates. I still need to come up with an editing plan for the month, so hopefully that will be a post in and of itself. Good luck with Camp and looking forward to seeing updates from you too!

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  4. Eeek. Good luck with Camp Nano. I never sign up for NaNo of any kind because I know how hard I’d be on myself the whole time. I’d worry so much about meeting my word count goal that I’d lose sleep over it – and I don’t do well with chronic lack of sleep. :S

    But even though I’m not in your cabin, I’ll keep an eye out for any updates you Tweet. I’m always happy to be a cheerleader for fellow writers!

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    • Thank you! It’s definitely stressful, I have to agree with you there! I’ll see how the edits go this month. I did 20k words for April’s Camp and that was much more doable than the 50k in November. I’ll be posting updates for sure, thank you for the encouragement!

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  5. Good luck! I don’t think I will be doing Camp Nano this month, but I will be in the writing world. I have one project to finish up from April and another one I’m preparing for November. Anyway, good luck to you Jessica and to all the other writers out there!

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