My Writing Place and Habits

I try to make it a point to attend Writerology‘s 3pm EST Sunday #storycrafter Tweetchat. Unfortunately, I’ve missed it twice in a row. The last tweetchat seemed so fun that I figured I would just make a blog post about it (it has been quiet in here lately!). So this past Sunday’s topic was about our writing spaces. The variety of answers were very interesting, to say the least!

However, as we all know by now I’m sure, there is no one-step formula to writing. Everyone’s minds work differently, so what works for me may or may not work for you. Location may or may not improve productivity. For me, it seems to improve things. So without further rambling, I’ll just get right to Faye’s questions!


My designated writing space is anywhere within or in the immediate vicinity outside my house. Writing in public is next to impossible for me as I am just way too easily distracted by people and noise. But essentially, my main spot is in my little corner “office” in the bedroom, or in my lovely new armchair at night if I have a drink with me.


Not necessarily. I write on a mini-laptop (as in: small, if not smaller, than a Chromebook) as opposed to pen and paper, so I’m really not fussy at all. I keep a notebook that contain my style sheets and story notes, so if need be, I’ll bring that along with me if I’m going to the armchair.


I’ve tried to write at my mother’s (where I grew up). It’s too distracting in the minimal times I’ve attempted writing there. Yet, I’m able to study and do research there with no problem. Perhaps it’s just a mindset of “mom’s house” means “schoolwork” that I’ve developed from growing up there? I know I would be unable to write in public. Besides the various faces I’ve sometimes found myself making while writing (I’d be mortified to be observed!), I know I wouldn’t be able to focus or tune out all the activity going on around me.

I’ve written outside before, but I have to be really focused on my work to keep myself from getting distracted by all the lovely things nature likes to show off. And too many mosquitoes in the evening.


I prefer the sounds of silence. Sometimes I’ll write to classical or OST music, but very rarely as of late. I used to listen to OST’s when writing fanfic, which would probably be the last time I listened to music while writing. Music really influences the mood of the words going onto the page, so unless there’s a song that precisely captures the feeling I want to convey, I’ll be listening to my fingers tapping away.

Music with words… it’s impossible for me to write with any vocals being spoken/sung in the background, English or non-English. I’m just very easily distracted by humans and am struggling to work on my “zoning out” skills… of which I have none.


Oh my. Well, how about lots of light and a sky vista. An octagonal room with floor to ceiling windows. A room with a view so vast without small details that would distract me where I could just watch the clouds transform and swirl should I need to ponder. I would prefer a minimal writing space with my laptop, a notebook and pen beside me, and a steaming cup of genmai tea. With an occasional breeze of fresh air.



Unfortunately, I had to take this picture in the evening. My main window faces the south (and train tracks!) so the sun rises beside me to the left. In the daytime, it’s very bright. And I’m… a clutter fiend. I love my stationery, and no, I couldn’t be bothered to clean up.



So now you know why I write where I do! If you’d like, feel free to answer the same questions in the comments below, or write up your own blog post about it! Happy writing!

5 responses to “My Writing Place and Habits

  1. Don’t worry. You’re not the only one who missed Storycrafter on Sunday. *blushes* I had just come home from a weekend visit with my parents and was exhausted, though, so I wasn’t really up for it.

    And gosh, what a topic! I might have to write up my own blog post at some point, because this comment would turn into a book. *lol* But I’m like you; I’m most comfortable writing at home. Though I have written on a train, in a car (with other people around me – GAH), and in hotel rooms or vacation rentals before, too. And I approve of the hot drink / tea companion. 😉

    It’s so interesting to see people’s answer to #4. I have trouble writing without music, but it has to be instrumental music of some kind. Lyrics and distinct voices distract me, too – though there have been rare occasions when I’ve tuned them out somehow.

    I love your dream writing space! It sounds so bright and airy. Your current writing space is neat, too. Is that an orchid by the curtain?

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    • I love your writing place, too! So clean and pretty. I can’t recall where I found your blog (maybe Twitter?), but I do remember that that was the first post I saw on your blog (: I’m the same: I love finding out how fellow writers do what they do!

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