CampNano & Writing Goals

I won Campnano! By the skin of my teeth, mind you. After the halfway point, I just fell aprilcamp2016
into this slump (note the Burnout post) and self-criticism reared its ugly head for much longer than I would’ve liked.

Thankfully, I was able to pull through last week with a day to spare. Which made me to wondering why it’s so hard to just get up and write.

Two Discoveries

I participated in a few word sprints which were really beneficial. The only problem I have with word sprints is that I just keep going past the 10-20 minutes mark. And so I learned something important while sprinting.

The biggest struggle for me is starting to write. Word sprints forced me to stop puttering around. When a sprint begins, you start. You have to. It’s a “race” of sorts, so there’s no prepping or brainstorming. And once you start writing, the words just keep flowing and flowing, and then suddenly you realize that it’s nearly been an hour since you started! You just have to start writing, no ifs ands or buts. Knowing where you’re going is helpful, if not imperative. It’s why I abandoned pantsing and am now a reformed plotser.

Today in the Twitterverse, I participated in Faye Kirwin‘s wonderful #storycrafter chat (this was my fourth one). We discussed our writing habits and how we can better them. Personally, like many other participants, I wish that I could write daily. Real life doesn’t permit, or at least I thought it didn’t.

I learned something important today. It may seem trivial or something of a “well duh Jess, you couldn’t have figured that one out?” but I am unashamed to say that I discovered that I can write every day. It could be a sentence, a piece of dialogue, a paragraph, something seemingly minuscule. But it all adds up. I get the opportunity to write 2k words every couple of days, but squeezing in 50 or so words every day is going to add up and keep that fire burning. On average, I write about 1k per hour, which is about 16 words a minute. Times that by 10, I could write over 150 words in 10 minutes!

So for those who lament that they aren’t able to write every day… I say that it isn’t true. There will be 10 minutes (granted your life isn’t in an emergency situation or something) somewhere at some time that you can write a sentence or few. Keep that story alive. Keep it moving. Sooner or later, you will get to “The End!”

11 responses to “CampNano & Writing Goals

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  2. Hey! Great post and congratulations on completing campnano!

    So I’m usually (always) curious about how people write and therefore I have to ask: have you already written a post on how you write? Or now that you’re a plotter, how you plan? If so, would you be able to provide me with a link? If you can’t think of it off the top of your head, no worries. 🙂

    Thanks in advance! And congrats again!

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  3. As someone trying to write fiction in the interstices of a full-time profession, I know how challenging it can be to get those precious writing minutes every day! But I agree, there’s no excuse, and it’s amazing how quickly those 100 or 200 words a night accumulate. I like your “word sprints” idea. Might try it next time I’m stuck!

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    • It’s true what they say — and I’m paraphrasing here: the only way to get in the “zone” is to just jump into it headfirst. My biggest obstacle is procrastinating, and it’s amazing to my why I procrastinate because once I start writing, it’s so hard to stop! Go figure.

      I’m glad there was a helpful tidbit in my post for you! A ticking clock is hard to argue with, and it definitely gets your blood pumping when you see the minutes counting down! Nowadays, I pretend I’m doing a timed word sprint… but why stop after 15 minutes? If life permits, just keep going!

      Good luck, and happy writing (:

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  4. Congratulations! I hope that you’re feeling better!

    I had that same attitude for a while too. I felt like I didn’t have time to write every day, and even more than that, that even if I wrote a little bit, that it wasn’t worth it. I hate that I procrastinated for so long. Are you doing #writechain? I just started a little over a week ago, and that’s what’s helping me to start writing. Knowing I have to get at least 200 words written a day pushes me to get it done, and I have found that several of those sessions that I didn’t want to do ended up extending well past 1000 words.

    Keep it up! Look me up if you ever need someone for a word sprint. I’m not always available, but maybe we could coordinate some time. I’ll hopefully talk to you at the next #storycrafter!

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    • Yes, I just started #writechain… last week? Right after I wrote this post, I looked further into Faye’s site and joined in. I was intimidated at first, but you know what? I’ve a 100 word count goal which I can pretty much do in a spare 10 minutes. I’m glad she has this #writechain (I love twitter!) Faye is such a wonderfully creative and great gal indeed.

      Thank you for your encouragement! I’m planning on being there Sunday, I’ll have to start setting an alarm 15 minutes prior because I’m always scrambling last minute at 2:59! Hope to see you there!

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