I’ve been neglecting all my blogs. Feeling really burnt out. Creativity block, maybe? I’m falling behind in every endeavor except for the art. But that’s because I’m getting paid for that, so it’s something of an enjoyable duty in my evenings after the kids go to bed. It’s the only quiet time I have. And I like quiet, except when I’m driving.

My writing? Zilch in the past week.

My blogs? Nope. (except for today)

My social networking? Apart from Twitter and Tumblr, zip.

Crits? Only one this month, I am thoroughly ashamed.

Reading? Well, I’m only halfway through a book that I could typically finish in 2 days, but let’s not go there before I get too depressed about that. It’s surprisingly a fantastic book, Soulless by Gail Carriger, it’s really actually pretty darn good — and you know how I feel about contemporary fiction.

I think it’s approach that needs some fixing. I go through this reassessment phase every few months where I need to evaluate everything I’m doing and trying to do, and get my endeavors down to the essentials. Or at least to amounts less stressful. I take on too much and give myself anxiety. And then nothing gets done.

I am a little late in the spring cleaning, as it were.

Personal/environment stress plays a tremendous role in my productivity levels, which is probably why I haven’t achieved my goals for this month. I’m 7k words behind in Campnano, and I’m miserable about it. I won’t cry writer’s block because I know where the “block” is coming from.

This is why writing is a solitary job. I need silence to write. I need to be alone. If there’s a potential that I have to get up from my chair in the next 20 minutes, I’ll procrastinate on the writing (hence, 500 pins later). There is no “me time” during the day because I’m getting called on every 5-10 minutes.

So for those who are single or don’t have kids yet, take advantage of your free time. Don’t waste it on things that won’t help with your passions and goals, or on things that won’t mean anything in the next ten years. Time is valuable. Time disappears too quickly, and it can’t be brought back. The fact is, time goes by quicker the older you get. So use it wisely. Use it constructively. And don’t forget to take a time out once in a while with yourself, or else you’ll run the risk of getting a burnout.

9 responses to “Burnout

  1. You’re not alone! I hate that moment so much when you look around and there is so much to do, so you do NOTHING. I get the exact same way with writing. I can’t be bothered when my kids are awake or even when they’re napping. I hate being cut off when I’m writing so I just don’t bother sometimes if I feel like it might happen. I definitely wish I could talk to my younger self, shake her a little. I could have written so many novels by now.

    Sending good vibes your way. I hope that things get sorted for you soon with as little anxiety as possible.

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    • Thank you so much for the consolation! I’m “glad” that I’m not the only one who can’t write if they know they’re going to be interrupted. It’s a curse, I feel! I’m a rather ritualistic person, so I’m thinking that I need to readjust my day/night routine. Our kids won’t stay kids forever though, so I try not to feel too selfishly upset over it.

      I don’t know how old your children are, I gather they’re younger if they’re taking naps, so I can imagine you still have a lot on your plate and your house chores are neverending. Mine are 6 and 9 so I will assure you that quiet times will improve as they get older! Thank you again, this needs to be remedied before it gets worse!

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      • Hey, no problem! We never want others to go through the same thing, but it’s always nice to know we’re not alone. I am still working on a schedule so I can fit everything in that I need to do. I get the same way with my kids. I constantly wish I was able to do more writing, but they are definitely the priority and they need us more than our writing does!

        They are six and under at the moment, so we’re still juggling a lot of different schedules. I do hope that things settle in for you. It is good that you’re there for your kids, but you need to find time for yourself as well. I’m sure your girls want you to be happy!

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        • Six and under — that’s definitely a handful! My undisturbed me-time is after they go to bed, and like yourself, caffeine keeps me going for the day and a splash of vodka sometimes to keep me motivated at night. At their young ages, they still need a lot of this and that and the other thing, so I’d rather be available while they’re up and at’em. So I maintain the easier stuff like Pinterest/Facebook/etc. during the day and the more intensive stuff at night. Unfortunately, the muses tend to fade by then ):

          Anyways! Thank you for your kindness and I’ll see you at your blog — hope to see some new posts soon!

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  2. 7k behind isn’t too bad! I’ve got today and tomorrow and am 13k behind on Camp NaNo (>_>’). But hey, yesterday I was 16k behind, so who knows~

    Also, there’s a third option that goes with single or no kids yet… of no kids, ever. The older I get, the further I move away from wanting to have children in a very real way. It’d be so tough to write while caring for growing children, so kudos for managing even if the writing isn’t at a fast enough pace that might feel productive for you. You’re raising two human beings, that’s pretty impressive so remember to be kind to yourself!

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    • Thank you for your meaningful comment. I, too, at one time swore away kids, but we see how well that went! Regardless, I absolutely respect your decision. In this day and age, it’s a scary thing to have kids. Their love is priceless, but if I were more cognizant of the world around me then as I am now, I would have had serious second thoughts.

      Thank you for your encouragement! I get mentally exhausted from time to time, and being creative is sometimes the last thing I want to be contemplating.

      I hope you achieved your Camp goal!

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  3. It’s easy to get burned out with all that goes on in our lives. I go through those myself and worse. There have been moments where I have closed my notebooks, put away my pens, and walked away from them for months at a time. What has kept me going has been my family and that nagging feeling that says writing is something I love to do. You can’t ignore that.

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    • Thank you for sharing your experiences! I’m glad that your family supports your writing, that is so important. And you are so right that writing is something that’s programmed inside of us. We can only suppress it for so long before our urge to create art with words consumes our minds.

      Don’t ever stop! You couldn’t, even if (when) you tried, anyway!


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