Campnano – The Halfway Point!

As it turns out, I began working on a new story for this month’s Camp. With a 20k word count goal, I’ve been taking it easy. This month’s been rather busy, and I’ve been spending more time with my commissioned artwork so that’s taking up (all) my evenings. I also have some traveling plans for next week, and my datebook is filling up more than I’d like it to. Everything happens at once, right?

Currently, I’m at 12,227 words. I was hoping to have a higher count, but such is life. I think it’s important not to be so hard on yourself. There’s enough stress and pressure in life, why stress yourself out more than is necessary?

Fortunately, when I do write, my writing sessions have been rather lucrative. I usually hit around 3k per session, which is encouraging. Outside of nano, I don’t keep track of how much I write a day. And even during nano, I’m more focused on the goal rather than my daily progress. Hopefully, I can get another 4k in this weekend like I did last Sunday! With my recent Bullet Journaling, I’ve been keeping track of dates and word counts, and it’s nice to be able to see all the “progress” at a glance.

To everyone doing Camp, good luck with the second half of the month! We can do this!

Comments, questions, disagreements, or just want to say something? Please do!

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