Bullet Journal, Week One

First: I’m not trendy. I’m mildly aware of what is trendy, but rarely do I give a darn about it. Second: I love productivity. And stationery. So when I caught glimpses of these eye-catching spreads called bullet journals (bujo), my eyes lit up immediately. The inner writer/artist/list addict screamed “yes, please!”

So last Sunday, I spent the entire morning researching what this bujo thing is all about. I browsed for the best dot grid notebooks on Amazon. The Leuchtturm and Moleskines are the most popular, but also tend to be pricey. A lady on Twitter suggested I give it a practice run in a regular notebook before I invest in something. So I suggest doing the same to see if it’s your thing or not.

I just so happened to have a spare notebook (who doesn’t have a spare one, just in case?) and to make a long story short, I love the bujo. Not an all-caps sort of love, but it does the job and then some. In the following pictures, I’ll show you just why I am now ten times more organized than before.


I love the A5 size, I love sepia-toned paper. This is lined, but it really doesn’t matter. I have some lovely pens, but I’m just your standard Papermate Inkjoy fan.

This won’t be a bujo tutorial, but for those who aren’t familiar with bujos, my snaps should give you a general idea of the things you can do with a bujo. One of the most appealing things of a bujo is that you can make it be anything, from practical organization, all the way to it being an expression of your creativity.


Not that I needed it, but this first page contains the symbol index key and a continuous Table of Contents. Nothing fancy here. I number the pages as I go so I can keep track of what is where. The thing about bujo’s is that you go a page at a time. No planning out your sections. Hence, the need for a Table of Contents (which don’t even have to be in page order!).


A quick almost-one-year reference. I also tore out a page from the back of the notebook to test pen and marker bleeds, as well as using the lines to create a perfect square grid.


A coloring-in-progress. The Future Log for the month of April contains my general tasks I need to do this month, as well as particular dates I need to remember. Bills, events, deadlines, etc. And yes, I have about 50 ultra fine point Sharpies from coloring mandalas since 2012, but I can’t be bothered to color code.


I put 3 lists on this spread. Oftentimes, I can’t recall if I paid a bill or not and would have to log on to my accounts to double-check (forgotten passwords galore), but now I’ve eliminated that! When my bill is paid, I just check it off. No more wondering! This spread also keeps me on track with what Art Projects I have to work on and have completed, as well as if I’ve been paid for them yet. And then, my lovely and extremely empty Word Count tracker. It’s been a busy week.


One of the spreads I was really looking forward to! My Reading Bookshelf! Every time I read a book, it will go on this shelf. When I filled this out, I realized I haven’t read as much as I would have liked to. Still have 8 more months to go, there is still hope for me! I tend to read in binges.

These pages are where I spend the most time. The weekly spread that contains the day-to-day tasks and my little notes, memories, dinner list, and whatever else comes to mind. The second page also contains my Habit Tracker, a neat little graph that shows me how many days in a month I’ve spent doing whatever. I bought some Washi tape from Michaels by Tuesday because, well, it really does make it look pretty!

A practice graph of what my Hours app has tracked for the month of March. I’m not thrilled with it, so I will change it up for April’s Hours Summary. The other page contains all my online orders to keep myself on track of finances, what money is owed where, who owes me money, and etc. This is one of the greatest perks of my bujo — no more feeble attempts of trying to remember, or trying to find the scraps of paper with unlabeled numbers scribbled on them!


Another great thing about the bujo: just write anything and everything down! Make it to be whatever you want it to be. I’m attempting a dated minimal de-stress notes section here. Writing always makes me feel better.


And this is my spread for this upcoming week!

Do you keep a bujo? Are you thinking about starting one? It’s an all-in-one scrapbooking + journal + to-do listing. I’m passing on the Leuchtturm because I’ve already put so much into this notebook, and honestly, I love it. It’s not A5, but it fits in my purse and that’s all that matters.

If you have a bujo, tell me what your experiences are like!

7 responses to “Bullet Journal, Week One

  1. This is neat, I’ve admired the bullet journals from afar, but I’ve always thought my handwriting would never be “good enough” or that I’d either put too much of the wrong stuff in, or not keep up with it. Then for Easter my Mom found a notebook she had meant to give me for Christmas, and now I have this really pretty notebook I want to use, but don’t know what to put in it. I started a “house renovation/clean up” type journal, but that’s not really something I need to have around me all the time. Reading/writing/art type stuff I might want to have. Maybe, if my role changes at work, it’s something I could keep track of ideas in, even! Exciting. In the future, I’d like to see what your thoughts are as you continue to use the journal. 🙂

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    • Aw, you shouldn’t worry about your handwriting! I tend to write in all-caps with a smattering of lowercase, which is helpful with legibility, if you’re curious. But there is no right or wrong way to create a bulletjournal! That’s the wonderful thing about it — it’s entirely customizable to fit your everyday needs and goals. Lists change over time, so just start a new page with the new list!

      You can do anything with a bullet journal! The greatest thing about bullet journals is its versatility. You can just start the bujo after your house cleaning list (index page, calendar, etc.) since every page is subject to change to your needs. I hope you get a chance to get it going! If your love stationary and organization, this is so up your alley (:


  2. I have a few spare notebooks too and I’m going to give it a try. Lately my life is so hectic, I really need to do some organizing. I used weekly planners but there’s not enough space for my to-do-lists anymore. I find this idea pretty interesting. It would allow me to be creative on the pages. Thanks for posting it.

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    • You’re welcome! I use apps to keep my to-do lists in order, so I really didn’t think I NEEDed another planner/list keeper. But honestly, for the reasons I listed, it’s really one of the best decisions I’ve made… organization-wise!

      The greatest thing about bujos is their versatility. Which is probably why people love to post pictures of their progress! No two bujos are the same (: I hope you get a chance to start yours, it’s a worthy investment!


  3. I love your photos and explanation of the bullet journal! I had never heard of doing this and it’s really neat! I keep a planner where I write down what I accomplished writing and exercise/fitness. It’s the “bullet point” part of this. I may have to try something new though in 2017! Thanks!

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    • Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it! I’ve always been a big fan of bullet lists — that’s how I outline my stories, in fact. So this bujo works perfectly with me. I still use my Todoist app on my device, but I keep that for those instantaneous “can’t forget that” tasks.

      The bujo is really helpful though, I highly recommend it because of its versatility and total customization to fit your life. If you ever start one, let me know how it works out for you!

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