Campnano and Multiple Writing Projects

Campnano, who’s with me? I was randomly assigned a cabin, and so far it’s a great cabin. As the event nears (or is upon some of us already), the majority of us are active and ready to go.

I’ve been busy with story research this month, but it hasn’t been for my campnano novel. For Camp, I gave myself a 20k word goal which should hopefully wrap up my current NIP (novel in progress) that I began last November. Unfortunately, my mojo for it is just not really there. The general plot points are bulleted out, have been bulleted out for the past 3 months, but where is the drive! It’s not there.

I’ll do my best. Even at 1k words a day with the weekends off, I’ll hit my goal. Then maybe I’ll get Scrivener with that 50% coupon. Maybe. Oh, you didn’t know there’d be goodies? Apart from the just-mentioned, there is a Scribophile discount and a Storyist discount. And others.

I debated starting my current NSIM (new story in mind) for Camp, but I refuse to begin another book until I finish this current one. Eva, my current work, will be undergoing a 90% rewrite, so it would be good for me to put a new story in between the rewrite. Ah, the joys of being an unpublished writer! No pressure.

Now maybe you’re saying, ‘Why not try doing both?’

I’ve tried writing two books at the same time. Can’t do it. I get too anxious and overwhelmed, and consequently get confused and frustrated. Which means no writing gets done. Writing shouldn’t be stress-inducing — at least, not in that way. Think Write or Die app. There’s enough stress out there, why make up (more) stress for yourself?

Have you ever attempted to write two books at a time? Or, say, one month for Project 1, next month for Project 2, then back and forth? What was your experience like, and how did you make it work?

Let's not have any of this in Camp, okay?

Let’s not have any of this in Camp, okay?

To everyone doing Camp, good luck!!

2 responses to “Campnano and Multiple Writing Projects

  1. I haven’t done a one month on A one month on B thing with writing projects, but I’ve done it with different areas of responsibility at work. What a mess. One month was slammed with local event stuff, and by the time I switched tracks back to long term large events I’d forgotten what I had or hadn’t done for all the deadlines. It took too long just to catch up, let alone ramping back up to making progress again afterwards. It was confusing and killed my motivation for a while. I have a feeling doing it with WIPs would go similarly, at least for me.

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    • I can totally understand that! My mind can only concentrate on one thing at a time, and it all gets mussed up if I have to switch. When it comes to creative projects, starting a new/different one is pretty much a death sentence for the one I’m “temporarily” switching out of. I’ve read of people be able to write in two projects at the same time, and that boggles my mind!

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