Allergies are Getting Old

I have a fair number of allergies.

Brazilian nuts, and I’ll go into anaphylactic shock. Yes, I found that one out the hard way, before I even knew what anaphylactic shock even is.

Second, the animal dander. And naturally, I’m an animal lover. I deal with that thanks to Zyrtec, but now my body is addicted to cetirizine hydrochloride, and so I said screw it; if I have to be on this drug for the rest of my life, I may as well just get a cat again.

But the worst allergy of all? One that’s continuously getting worse the older I get? This chicken allergy. It reared its ugly head in my 23rd year after I had my second child. The how I got it is questionable, but I have a pretty solid suspicion. We won’t get into that.

It’s actually more than chicken, it’s the specific chemical compound of chicken fat. So this includes all fowl and certain white fish who share that same chemical compound. My no-no list includes stuffing, Rice-a-Ronis, actually, many preprocessed meals and majority of canned foods, anything that contains chicken broth — if there’s any chicken component in it, I’m getting a severe reaction. It incapacitates me for hours with excruciating stomach and intestinal pain.

Once a favorite food. Now an anathema.

Once a favorite food. Now an anathema.

It took a couple of years to filter out the foods I cannot eat. I enjoy cooking, so making homemade versions of the above-mentioned foods without the chicken ingredient is no big deal for me.

My current peeve is that for the past year, other ingredients have been bothering my stomach. Not the out-and-out doubled-over-dying pain, but an acute dull ache that gives me acid reflux and a fair amount of discomfort for a couple of hours. Medicines don’t help. And I’m still not 100% sure what causes this specific stomach pain.

Fake sugar (Splenda, and whatever they put in diet/0 calorie drinks) does this to me. So that eliminates most diet foods and drinks from my diet. But I’ve noticed that certain teas to include chamomile also gives me stomach pain. Eating out is a big risk for me. There’s no assurance that there isn’t a trace of chicken something on the same grill or frying oil. Such as today: I had a gyro at the diner, and lo and behold, the stomach pains have been afflicting me for the past 2 hours.

My stomach is my enemy. Can I eat anything without the dreaded pain? Such is life. I suppose by the time I’m 50, all I will be able to eat are rice and potatoes. Life could be worse, right?

Are you plagued by any rare or just plain ole’ weird allergies?


10 responses to “Allergies are Getting Old

  1. Oh wow, that’s a lot of allergies and inconveniences. Have you been tested for gluten intolerance? I know at least one person who was lactose intolerant, but after he was diagnosed with celiac disease and cut out all gluten he could eat cheese again.


    • I haven’t gotten the allergy test, go figure because I am loathe to needles (think: fainting). I initially thought it was gluten, but the pains continued. Next, I thought it was celiac disease; and the pains continued. I went through the whole gamut, I even got tested for gallbladder disease. My blood tests and ultrasounds came back negative. It was after I had a chicken meal from Wendies that it occurred to me that it was chicken. And my deductions were correct.

      Fortunately, my body is totally okay with eggs and dairy. I’m actually immensely grateful about that actually, because I can’t live without my Swiss cheese and pastries!

      Stress also tends to immediately affect my stomach condition, but I haven’t been stressed out lately, so tonight I blame the diner and this Taiwanese oolong tea ):

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    • It’s such a shame, right? Chamomile works for everyone else I know. I really don’t know the ingredient, there are other teas that bother me as well but I can’t think of them off the top of my head right now. Ginger doesn’t bother me but that flavor is just way too strong for my liking. For now, I guess the only stomach comfort we can get is a heating pad.

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  2. I tell people I am lactose intolerant because it is easier then going through what actually happens. My lungs are really weak, I think, I don’t know this by a doctor, just through life experiences. I no longer eat yogurt, cheese, milk, or ice cream. They cause a chest infection: running nose, lungs full of phlegm, coughing etc.

    I get a weird reaction off of mosquito bits, they balloon in size. Cut a tennis ball in half and stick it on your body, they’re huge. Apparently, that’s not normal.

    Oh and I refuse to acknowledge that chocolate or butter are made from milk. So ssssh!

    As you say though, that’s life and you gotta live with it 😀


    • You’re right, we always end up making do with the cards we’ve been dealt with. Sometimes I’ll get upset that I can’t enjoy a good chicken dish, but luckily there are many alternatives to chicken.

      Dairy does tend to cause phlegm, they say to avoid milk and such when you’re feeling sick. So your symptoms make sense. You know your body the best. Doctors know their stuff, but my doctor couldn’t figure out that I was having allergic reactions to chicken, as well as developing IBS due to lots of stress.

      But that really sucks that dairy makes your body react that way! Even with small doses?

      (ps – wrote you back on the nano site!) Are you doing Campnano this April?


      • I’ve been permanently sick all my life because it is so hard to avoid ALL dairy products. I have vics vapor rub by my bed, and you can be sure I’ve a few packs of tissues in my bag. In hot weather, my tolerance goes up. I’ll be able to enjoy a half a scoop of ice cream! Yummy 😀 I know the exact amount I can consume before I get too sick. Sometimes I say fuck it and am sick for a month.
        It’s actually easier now then when I was younger. Birthday cakes were the worst! People are more accepting of it now.
        I really wasn’t going to do Campnano…but I’ve registered! Haha. I’m plugging away at my novel the whole time, so if this keeps me going, that’s good. But I signed up more for the chance of meeting more lovely writers like yourself.


        • It is truly a hard thing to resist! It’s a big adjustment in life, and sometimes, just knowing that it’s permanent is stifling and depressing. But as there really isn’t a whole lot to be done about it besides changing our outlook on life, we may as well make the best of it. I won’t dwell on it. We’re in control of our ailments, and that’s assurance enough. It’s better than some conditions out there.

          In re Camp, even just a small goal is good! Brainstorming, line edits, whatever you want to do! Speaking of, I think the cabin assignments are today or tomorrow 😮 I’m excited to meet new writers as well, I hope they are as lovely as yourself as well (: Last November was fun!

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        • Awesome, I’m glad they matched you up with your time zone! Good thinking on their part. And I’m so happy you’re enjoying Todoist! It really is all that and then some. It’s always open on my device and I have the windows program, too. Keeps me in line (:


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