Camp Prep

So I seemed to have forgotten that there was a CampNano coming up next month! I will totally be joining it, except this time I’m deciding on joining a completely random cabin. Last year, I participated in absoluteWrite’s cabin, and while it was fun, I’d like to meet some new writers this time around.

The thing I love about CampNano is how relaxed it is. I did a 20k goal in last year’s Camp, and I will be doing the same next month. At 20k, it should complete my novel. I’ve just hit the 70k mark. At this point, I really don’t care how long my novel-in-progress is, I just want to get it done. Then rewrite it. I have two betas working on it at the moment (they are amazing!) and it needs work. A lot of it.

Will you be participating in CampNano next month?

9 responses to “Camp Prep

  1. I’m in too! 30K to finish my novel. I’m excited to have the first draft done. Like you, mine needs a ton of work as well, but that’s what May through September is for (before NaNoWriMo prep in October.). Happy writing! Enjoy the new cabin.

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    • Don’t even talk about prepping for November yet! I am so not ready! I really really need to finish this novel which began in nanowrimo from last year. There’s another Camp in July, right? Let’s cross our fingers that we’ll be spending that one revising (: All the best with Camp and your novel!

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  2. I’ve thought about it… I’ll probably just catch the next one, since I’m signed up a blogging challenge in April. I’m not sure what goal I would set though, since I’m still neck-deep in world building research. I’m not ready to start the official rewrite or anything new.

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    • Worldbuilding is awesome! You could set a Camp goal to complete the worldbuilding, or something novel-related, too. But I’ll be the first to tell you that there’s no reason to add any more stress or to-dos to your daily goals if it’s not necessary.

      The blogging challenge sounds like a feat, what is it all about?

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