All Energy Depleted

Blogosphere, my apologies for dropping off the face of the Earth, I have been attacked by the influenza virus for a week now. I became inflicted Sunday night, toughed out as much as I could at work on Monday, then came home early and collapsed into bed by 2pm and didn’t crawl out of bed till late Wednesday morning.

It’s been a struggle. As of now, I’m about 50% better. Even sitting in this chair is making me tired. I can’t read longer than 5 minutes before my eyes start to burn and the headache gets worse. Can you believe I haven’t consumed any caffeine in almost a week?

Still weak, light-headed, achy, and beginning to get a bit of a frustration over how much I’ve fallen behind in my work. And of course, my youngest fell sick, too, though she is quite the trooper. Doing better than me, thank goodness.

Maybe I’m just a pansy.

I’m hoping that all systems will be at 80% by Monday. Hoping. I’m going back to bed *crawls away*



9 responses to “All Energy Depleted

    • Thank you dear! Mint tea makes me feel funky, but I’m definitely doing the tea and honey. Thankfully this flu didn’t attack my sinuses — gave me bad chest congestion instead. So the honey is very good (:

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    • Thank you! I’m finally all better now, but it was a pretty bad one. I’m usually able to muddle through the day when I’m sick, but this flu kept me in bed, involuntarily!

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