January Wrap-Up

For those of you who enjoy my musings on grammar, storytelling, and writing, have no worry. I am feeling a rant coming on sooner rather than later.

But this is not it.

January has gone, and what have I accomplished? I’d say my goals weren’t very lofty for last month.

  • Reading:
    •   I completed Speaker for the Dead. Some said it was droll, but I enjoyed the story. It was part-mystery, part-philosophical, part-scifi. Contrary to the way the book series are now set up, Speaker for the Dead was originally written after Ender’s Game, so I’m reading it accordingly. I’m a traditionalist in that sense. I wasn’t too keen on the turn in Ender’s personal life at the end of the story, but I did see it coming this time.
    •   I then read Jules Verne’s In the Year 2889. It’s my first Verne, and then I discovered that it was actually written by Jules’ son, Michel. So there went that experience. It’s a very short read (about 30 pages in my e-reader) and while I am loathe to criticize speculation from classic writers, I found it very amusing to read a nineteenth century man’s perspective of what 300 years of technology would entail. I can see the Jetsons and a variety of 70’s and 80’s scifi portrayals took their cues from this short story.
    •   And so I am now in a conundrum of what to read next. I bought L’Engle’s “Wrinkle in Time” from the library for $0.25 last week, but with my mind being preoccupied with many things, I remain undecided. Many books I read have a profound and unexpected correlation with what I am personally going through at the time. Perhaps the powers-that-be are currently withholding this decision from me until the time is right. Have you ever experienced this?
  • Title: While I was driving to work this past weekend, a title suddenly popped into my head as I was cruising at a very healthy rate of speed down the parkway. I thought it would be rather fitting for the name of the “series” I am writing. So I still haven’t thought of a title yet for my current manuscript, it was still a “hooray” moment for me. Unfortunately, and most unsurprising to me, when I checked google to see if it had been used, I discovered that it is indeed the name of a trilogy. A very popular trilogy, in fact. Ken Follett, I congratulate you on the clever usage of a well-known phrase that I thought of nine years too late: World Without End. My utilization of that line would have made more sense. Just saying.

    Chiko does not approve.

    Chiko does not approve of my writing progress.

  • Writing: I wrote about 4k words in my story. No good. I have nothing more to say about that other than useless expressions of shame and self-pity.
  • Other Events:
    • I survived the blizzard. It was fun, actually, moreso because I was able to skip work. I don’t know about you, but I love stormy weather. I love the roaring tempests and the anticipation of watching a storm escalate. I did a lot of looming, a lot of reading, and a lot of window-watching.
    •   I have finally mastered making tempura like the restaurants do. It’s actually all about the batter, but let’s just keep that between you and me. ps. Replacing breadcrumbs with panko in meatballs is a delicious alternative. If you throw my meatball at the wall, it will break clean meatball1smthrough to the other side. That’s how I like it. How do you like your meatballs?
    •   A previous art commissioner got back in touch with me recently, and after a 4 year hiatus, she is reviving her website project. So I’m extremely excited to be painting again (digital painting). I haven’t done any art since her last commission (adult coloring books don’t count) and it felt so good to pick up that pen again. I didn’t realize how much I missed it.However, now that I’m back to working on art again, this leaves me with less time for another activity. It’s probably inevitable that I will have to put my crittering on hiatus until further notice. I won’t have the time to do 3+ critiques a week anymore. I am sad about that.

For this Month

I suppose it would help if I wrote down what I hope to accomplish in the remaining 28 days of this month. Then I can see how far I’ve strayed when February 29th comes around and get angry about it for a span of 12 seconds.

  • Read 2 more books so I can keep up with my quota.
  •   I seriously cannot slack on this: beta at least 2 chapters per week. My 2 beta readers are amazing, and their stories are just as amazing. We exchange chapter for chapter. It’s my first time betaing and it’s a great experience. My notes for editing are piling up so fast!Blogging U.
  •   Write at least 10k in current story. Actually, it would just be great to finish the damn thing. I already have it plotted out. My bullet points end up turning into at least a chapter or two. I’m constantly underestimating myself, I hates it.
  •   Successfully complete Blogging U 201. This will be my first time participating in this program, and this month it is about rewrites. Fitting!

I hope your January fared well! Any personal accomplishments you’d like to share? Any leftover goals?



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