Another year almost over? I’m still stuck in the year 2000!


  • Moved into a new home, and I couldn’t be happier with it.
  • Achieved three decades in this world this year. It’s been far from perfect, far from what I expected, and consisted of a lot of cleaning up. But most of it is now processed, filed, and learned from.
  • I haven’t finished writing any novels yet, but I’ve snowflaked the fantasy novel Parallax, rewrote two of my unfinished fanfictions, and began a sci-fi/paranormal novel. I won NaNoWriMo with the latter and have yet to return to it since November 30th.

Current December activities:

  • I’ve joined critters.org and have submitted three critiques already. It’s been a fun experience so far, but I’m anticipating cutting down on the amount of critiques that come in on a weekly basis. They work on an email-based system and I have to say I really enjoy it. The only requirement is a minimum of a 200-word review. Which is really quite easy to do.
  • Yes, I’ve let absolutewrite fade into the background. I put up the FFIX fanfic Terrafusion up on Wattpad with only one roundabout review of it as of now. I know I’ve railed on Wattpad before but I’m just putting it out there for exposure. I’ve also recently joined Royal Road. It appears Britain-based Terrafusion_cover_smand it’s a relatively smaller site for writers and their work, but it appears promising. Mostly contains sci-fi and fantasy genres. It’s BB-code/forum-based, so I’m not crazy about the ability to copy/paste, so I’m not sure if I’ll post anything there.
  • Speaking of Terrafusion, check out the cover I made for it!
  • Now that the holidays have mostly passed, I’m musing over books and goals. Which leads me to:

2016’s goals that are subject to imminent redacting:

  • It may sound silly, but I really have to get a title for this sci-fi/paranormal book I’m writing in.
  • I must also finish this untitled book; aiming for a March deadline.
  • I’m happy with my Twitter account, but I’d like to see an increase in my blog posts. Need more interaction!
  • Read another 20 books. I did 23 this year, and I’m not really hopeful that I can do that many next year. But here’s to trying!
  • Finish those Miyazaki film reviews already. Stop procrastinating and being lazy would probably be a good goal to have, too.

And then a plethora of minor goals. I make grand usage of the Todoist app.

This is probably my final post of 2015, so I leave you with my 2015 background image as my gift to you, dear reader. Searching for a new 2016 background!



5 responses to “YIR2015

  1. Congratulations on another successful year on earth. Unless you live on Venus or something. Nice cover art BTW. 23 books… I’ve done maybe 9.
    I didn’t finish NaNoWriMonth but I’m happy u did.

    I hope you find a good title for your book.


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