Reviewing Last Month

This new WordPress editor is a real pain in the tuckus, especially for text-heavy posts. /short rant. < switching to the wp-admin version till further notice. >


Been going through some rough seas in the personal front, so I haven’t worked on my current novel for almost a week now. I’m beginning to feel quite guilty about that, but I’ve now decided that I probably ought to review and reread the 60k words I’ve written so far. When writing at such a quick pace, and despite my ever-growing style sheet, I tend to forget what exactly is going on. Even during nano, I always had to reread the last chapter before continuing.

I’m going to do my best to resist the inner editor. Hopefully by rereading what I’ve written, the mojo will return. It’s no guarantee, but I’m going to try!

ReadingA Darker Shade final for Irene

Currently reading “A Darker Shade of Magic.” I don’t typically read modern fantasy, or contemporary books for that matter, and it was a little hard to adjust to this author’s style, but after the second chapter, I settled in. I enjoy her method of breaking up chapters into numbered segments. Shorter chapters typically accelerate the pace.

I recently finished Mercedes Lackey/James Mallory’s “The Outstretched Shadow” (I went from Lackey’s MC, Kellen, to Schwab’s MC, Kell. Purely coincidental!). Classic fantasy, heavy on the descriptions at times, but thoroughly enjoyable. If you’re in the mood for the standard hero’s journey with the aid of magic and elves and dragons and demons, this is a good place to start. The antagonists were portrayed well enough… but their plot sort of went nowhere. I’m inclined to believe that the subsequent books of the series would involve more meaningful interactions between antagonist/protagonist rather than just keeping them behind the scenes. I will be continuing that series… after Schwab’s intriguing story.

In other news, I haven’t even began Christmas shopping yet. tumblr_lhq5nut8681qf439xo1_500So not ready for Christmas!! I’ve begun to notice myself transitioning from someone who was always an hour early, always prepared, to barely catching up. Thankfully I’m still always 7 minutes early for work every day, but that’s only because I’m a creature of habit. And totally dependent on the GSP’s erratic construction zones.

I’m hoping to have the next Miyazaki review up before the holiday. Perhaps another rant if the mood strikes. Till then, don’t get too crazy out there!


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