Nanowrimo: I’ve Hit the 50k!


And I am so not even close to finishing the story. Such as it always is.

Once the story began moving, I had no problem keeping that momentum going. How did I do it? I gave myself at least an hour every evening, which often spilled into two hours, which averages to about ~1,000 words an hour. Some days I crammed in an extra hour or two. I’m not the fastest writer, I’ve seen some incredible people surpassing 1k+ words in fifteen minute word sprints, and I am far from working at that sort of pace.

I typically do not write this fast (preplanning is essential at this rate!) so before every writing session, I had to skim the previous chapter, then continue. I also had my story notes document open that contained my bullet list of plot points (planned chapters). At this time, it’s now full of color-coding, strikeouts, and bolding. I color-code events that were not originally planned out, crossed out points that I changed my mind about, and added plenty of new sub-bullets. That is the essence of plotsing: I have enough structure to guide me but my characters can still move freely and slightly shift the story.

I’d say I’m about halfway through the story. My MC is now going through a very dramatic alteration of her circumstances, which will subsequently lead to a dramatic alteration in her perspective of her world. So I’m not stopping now! Though I will go easier on myself with pushing out the word counts. Maybe go for at least a 1k goal a day. I didn’t expect this shift to happen at this point in the story, so I’m going to have to make some more changes to the plot points sheet. It’s been a hell of a month so far!

As Darcy Pattison so smartly put it: The function of the first draft is to find your story. The function of the next few drafts is to find the best way to tell that story.

There were points during writing where it felt too mechanical and rigid, and I felt that this is just an entirely too-boring story, but I was able to shut down that internal negativity and keep pushing forward.

So glad the pressure is off!! tumblr_lfueas1H4Z1qcok8r

How is everyone’s Nano going? Halfway there, nearly there, hardly there?


4 responses to “Nanowrimo: I’ve Hit the 50k!

  1. Congrats! That’s an impressive graph.

    I just crossed 35k tonight and with a couple of vacation days next week I think I’ll have it wrapped up before turkey day. w00t!


    • Thanks Jim! Awesome job on getting up to 35k so far, you’re above par! I hope you can get to the 50k before next Thursday, it’ll be good to have a few days off.


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