Nanowrimo 2015 Update

I have officially crossed the halfway mark for this year’s nano!

nano15As long as I can get a jump ahead on the word count, I’ll feel better if and when a day comes where I won’t have the opportunity to write. Ideally, I would like to wrap it up before Nov 30th!

My novel is becoming longer and longer, and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Pre-November, I created a bullet list which constituted as the story outline. As I complete each bullet point, I’ll flesh out the next bullet point and proceed writing, and repeat. It keeps me on track but also gives me enough creative freedom to let the characters do their thing.

And 25k words in, I’m only on bullet point 7 out of 25. And then to top it all off, I’m under the impression that the story is a little lacking and I’m considering inserting scenes from the “bad guy’s side.” My problem with that is that I’m not sure how to go about it because this story is being written in lucho-411st person. I don’t feel comfortable writing from another 1st person POV, and a 3rd person POV feels too drastic. Other POVs offer tension, so it’s a tempting idea.

Any suggestions or thoughts on paring a 3rd person POV with 1st person POV? Or should I just scrap that idea? I can’t recall any novels with the combination of both at the moment, but I’m sure it’s been done?

But this is all going much better than expected. How’s everyone else’s nano’s coming along? Any parts you’re struggling with? Has your story taken a totally unexpected turn?


Comments, questions, disagreements, or just want to say something? Please do!

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