Status Update

I’m currently debating with myself if I should merge my very serious Read2Write wordpress blog with this one. ellDimensional’s original intentions were to be informal, loose, random and personal, while still attempting to offer some morsels of knowledge and ideas. Long story short, the only reason why I like my Read2Write blog is because it’s easy on the eyes. But that was years ago. And the last time I updated that blog was months ago.

So I think I knew where it was going.

I’m not exactly sure how this wordpress merging business goes down, but it should be successful. Read2Write’s posts should now be a part of ellDimensional’s.

So in the meantime, I’m transferring Terrafusion’s chapter posts into WP pages up there so as to declutter the blog. Get rid of those depressing text walls.

Working on it.


update: That was way easier than I thought it’d be. Only downside: my butt is now numb because that took a while.



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