An Example of Five (Thirty) Minutes of Writing

Not in the mood to write (though heaven knows I’ve been thinking and wishing about it for so long — woe to be full of estrogen and progesterone. Men, consider yourselves blessed) but I must force myself. The past two weeks of storytime really took the attractiveness out of the imagination.


Despite (there is no backspace when writing with a pen)

(Two strings of thoughts/ideas in ten seconds. The mind is truly an evil place. Or, I wish I thought linearly rather than in ten different places at once)

The patchwork after the destruction of Atomos was finally starting to blend with the rest of the walls.

(What an ugly sentence)

Lindblum did/had done a fine job of disguising Atomos’ maelstrom.

(How much writing you think I’ll get done on Sunday? Probably not much. “Forever the optimist,” right? At least I keep striving)

She didn’t could never erase that

(put cigarette out, settle back down at desk. Check AW forum for ten seconds, alt-tab back to writing)

She could never erase the dismal chaos of that terrible night as the giant colossal eidolon rose from the earth and nearly swallowed the fortress whole. But Cid conquered even that crime against his city and besides restoring its signature

(get up because the kids have gotten out of the shower, only to find an empty body wash bottle at the bottom of the tub. There was still a third of it left yesterday!! Throw hands up, return to laptop)

But Cid conquered even that crime against his city and besides restoring its signature (was a run-on sentence anyway)

(make the kids a snack. Return to laptop, wonder what time I started writing?)

In addition to its what remained of its original clockwork, Cid had brilliantly incorporated his latest invention of steam into the city. Out of the golden rays of the rising sun dawn, Lindblum rose like a arose out of the earth like was a mountain of stone and white smoke. The new morning sun glinted gleamed and reflected the sunrays, glowing like a beacon of technology and inspirations.


And that, ugh, there went 30 minutes. Got to make the best of it.


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