Mikoto and Kuja


Mikoto is their chosen leader as she’s the only one among them besides Zidane that has feelings and intelligence. Based on Zidane’s progress, Genomes are capable of some heavy-duty feats of damage and can possess major skills. Nevermind Zidane, how about Kuja? Which means that Mikoto is capable of everything Zidane and Kuja can do combined. Zidane’s not as skilled as Kuja because he grew up in Gaia, so if anything, Mikoto is more similar to Kuja. She can Trance and feel (like Zidane), and she’s familiar with her skills and limits (like Kuja). So Mikoto is a pretty deadly gal. And a little pompous, like her oldest brother:

“You are completely oblivious.
“Just like a newborn child.”
“You don’t know why you were given life, or for what purpose you exist…”
“You simply shout to emphasize your life…your own existence.”
“You are completely oblivious.”

Mikoto_FFIX_ArtAlso, FFIX never mentions this little tidbit as far as I can recall, but is Zidane able to sense his fellow Angels like Mikoto can sense them? I call them Angels because they are different from the Genomes. They were given special powers, and dare I say they were given Terran souls?

In her epilogue, her thoughts are:

“What you did was wrong…”
“But you gave us all one thing…”
“We were all created for the wrong reason, but you alone defied our fate.”
“We do not want to forget this.”
“We want your memory to live on forever…”
“…to remind us that we were not created for the wrong reason–that our life has meaning.”

This leaves a lot to wonder about. Besides excusing Kuja, she admires him and condemns Garland. I’m sure she’s grateful for Zidane for letting her out into the open air (Zidane does refer to her as his “little sister”) but she isn’t exactly thanking Zidane. Of course, she has realized what’s been going on, but I don’t think her sympathy meter is really tipping in favor of Gaia. She resents Garland her creator and feels for Kuja. Zidane also forgave Kuja in the end of FFIX (did he really deserve it, acting like a narc brat that he was?). Garland was the big bad guy concocting and manipulating, but Kuja was all that as well as selfish, ego-driven, and destructive. It’s twisted because Garland guides Zidane while he’s in Memoria, despite being the one that created this whole mess.

In a sense, Mikoto appears to be idolizing Kuja. How exactly does she want his memory to live on?


So while Kuja’s little siblings sympathize for him, the rest of Zidane’s party (and every other Gaian, I’m sure) is just glad that these invading aliens are eradicated.

Just how terminal was Kuja? Zidane saves him from the Iifa Tree’s dying struggles, and Mikoto’s eulogy for him is spoken in front of the Iifa Tree. It would seem that Kuja perished there. Did Garland install a ticking time bomb inside Kuja? Did Garland hold the strings to Kuja’s being? Garland was able to make Zidane fall to his knees. He also told Zidane that once Zidane is stronger than Kuja, then Kuja’s time is up. So are Zidane and Kuja’s strength entwined, that Zidane was created to be stronger than Kuja (ability to Trance) and therefore Trance would be the destruction of Kuja? Kuja did finally Trance … right before he died.

Garland personally tells Kuja that he is mortal (Genomes are immortal, what?!), but not necessarily on a limited timetable.

“You were created to destroy. You are a mortal…”

So what’s the deal? Is Garland trying to puff up Zidane’s ego by telling him he chose Zidane? There’s no doubt that Garland is saying the truth to Kuja. All these rules and restrictions is what made Kuja bitter and rebel in the first place, but he never revealed to Kuja that he made him immortal. Kuja was able to get pretty darn far in life without Garland’s help.9_garland

Still, the fact that Garland was able to immobilize Zidane makes me believe that Garland had some sort of power over his Angels. Yes, they were essentially puppets with free will. If Garland made Kuja mortal, and is also able to control them to some degree, then if Garland tried hard enough, he could zip! End Kuja’s life. But he didn’t care to because he believed Zidane would do the dirty work for him. And if not Zidane, then Mikoto. Garland is a Puppeteer, that’s for sure.

Did Kuja die under the Iifa Tree? How in the world did Zidane escape the Tree’s crawling into itself? Kuja has the ability to teleport, not Zidane.

For the epilogue’s sake, we’ll just assume he’s buried at the site of the Iifa Tree.


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