Hello world!

This is a combination of Ell’s Library (expositions on random topics), plus some of my Read2Write but a little more personal (minus the book reviews), and then a hodge podge of everything else. I wanted Read2Write to have a professional and helpful aspect, but in doing so, I have less to say there, because sometimes I’m just not feeling all that smart or helpful.

Also planning on putting up some writing here. Eventually, when I get around to actually writing. It’s been really hard to find the time lately. I’m either too pooped out when I finally do have the time by the end of the day, or there just isn’t time. I did read that the whole “settling in” theory is just a load of bologna, and I believe it. I’ve beat bad habits before in the past, and I know I have the self-control…most times.

It’s the darn AW forums that keep consuming my time. I’ll go through spurts of binge-reading and I don’t feel bad about divulging in that recreational activity. But otherwise, it’s the internet and the endless things I’d like to do in my free time, as minimal as it is oftentimes. I do a lot of traveling (driving), I have 2 children and 3 if you include hubby, I work part-time, I enjoy the art of cooking, I’ve put any artwork endeavors on indefinite hiatus because writing interests me more, and a number of pet projects in the mulling and brewing department. I read, I’m semi-active on Twitter, I enjoy reading my numerous how-to email subscriptions I get on a daily basis, and now that I wrote this all down, I believe I have way too many extracurricular activities on my plate that is taking away from my one main goal that I keep dancing around: writing.

I’m very literal, rather dull and definitely slow, but I love creating. I love writing. I do it for me.

Here are my goals for this month, aside from the personal stresses and life activities:

  1. Begin a new fanfiction. It’s a complete makeover of a FFIX fanfic I began writing a long long time ago and I felt the urge. What can I say? Fanfics are where I began. I wrote a FFVII fanfic and got to around 90k words, and it’s still incomplete. Of course it’s absolutely atrocious but it was a great achievement for the time being.
  2. Get this show (blog) on the road.
  3. CampNano? I joined for 10k word count for Parallax, my current WIP pet project. Due to the time of month though, I’m really nonvocal about it because I have #1 brewing in my mind. And I don’t feel like sharing.

I think I really ought to reassess where I’m spending my energies. I’m spread thin which is why I just can’t concentrate on one thing anymore for too long. That and my free time is minuscule, but I know the latter is no excuse.

Here’s to going for something different!



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